Metal Cutter Polish

16 OZ

Cooper's Metal Cutter Polish restores original brilliance. This cutter polish leave a long lasting finish to the surface and it will hold up to road grime and weather. The advance formula helps preventing buildup and stain for easy maintenance and less polishing. Product can be applied by hand or electric polisher.


Remove surface scratches, light oxidation, and swirl marks



Recommended Surfaces:
Aluminum . Stainless Steel (wheels, accessories, fuel tank, grills, stakes, pipes, & more)



  1. Shake well

  2. Apply Cooper's Metal Cutter Polish on damp terry towel

  3. Cover surface area and let dry completely 

  4. Wipe away with dry terry towel

  5. Use Cooper's Quick Detailer to remove residue


*DO NOT use on painted surface, product will strip paint